Training & Placements

The world is no longer a family but a vast market. To get employment and to stay employed in this competitive world, it is important to keep abreast of the constant changes occurring in business, industry, and the economy. Dedicated to the above fact, the institute has a very strong training & Placement Cell. Department of Training and Placement is playing a big role for the placements and to arrange industrial training for the PIBS students. The department is backed up by very strong academic and support groups. It has geared up in meeting the industrial training and placement requirement of PIBS students ensuring that the knowledge imparted go well to meet the industry standards. A good number of industries of repute visit the institute for the campus placements. The institute is encouraging the industrial participation in its academic, research and consultancy related activities.

Training and Placement Cell Members:

  • Sumit Prayani               8769226777
  • Devershi Mehta            8952900108
  • Ankit Garg                     9799297466
  • Neelima Bajaj                7891067899

Key Points:

  • Final Year Students of all courses will be provided assistance in placement by the cell.
  • Pre registration of desirous students are done.
  • Their spoken English ability, Computer skills, analytical and logical reasoning are developed intensively.
  • Frequent mock interview are held.