Courses Offered

With a view of establishing another landmark in the field of education, Pacific Group of Education started the Pacific Institute of Business Studies. PIBS is an intellectual powerhouse; it is energizing students and transforming them into skilled and pragmatic professionals & entrepreneurs.

1. Courses Offered by Faculty of Commerce & Management

1BBA in Global Business Management3 Yrs.10+2 from any streamView
2B.Com Synchronized with Competitive Exams3 Yrs.10+2 from any streamView
3BBA with Preparation of Competitive Exams3 Yrs.10+2 from any streamView
4B.Com. (Hons.) fully synchronized with CA3Yrs.10+2 from any streamView
5B.Com. (Hons.) fully synchronized with CS3Yrs.10+2 from any streamView
5M.Com. in All Stream2Yrs.Graduation in any streamView

2. Courses Offered by Faculty of Journalism & Mass Communication

1MA Journalism & Mass Communication2 Yrs.Graduation in any streamView
2BA Journalism & Mass Communication3 Yrs.10+2 from any streamView
3Diploma Journalism & Mass Communication1 Yrs.10+2 from any streamView

1. Faculty of Commerce & Management

BBA with specialization in Global Business Management

prepare the students to do international business or serve in multinational companies (MNCs).

  • Subjects are taught in national as well as international context.
  • One foreign language is taught every by foreign faculty (e.g. French, Spanish, German)
  • One free foreign tour is organized every year to broaden the vision of students.
  • Certified corporate training is provided every year by the industry experts at PIBS.
  • Recently GBM I year students were sent to Dubai, II year students were sent to Hong Kong and III year students were sent to Singapore.
  • Students prepare 100 marks project on this foreign tour every year.

B.Com Synchronized with Competitive Exams & BBA Synchronized with Competitive Exams

Both are Three Year Degree courses divided into 6 semesters of 6 month each.

  • Daily Classes of Competitive Exams from 1st Semester
  • Regular Classes of Spoken English & Computer Pratical
  • For Prestigious & Rewarding job
  • Job Oriented Specific Education

Competitive Exam Cell in PIBS

Preparation For:Subject Taught:
IASAnalytical Reasoning
RASQuantitative Aptitude
BankEnglish Grammar
SSCLogical Reasoning
RPSC I,II,IIIGeneral Knowledge
RailwaysComputer Proficiency

B.Com (Hons.) Fully synchronized with CA course

Golden opportunity for CA students

This is a three year degree course with yearlong examination system. This course has been fully synchronized with CA curriculum (CPT & IPCC) so that CA aspirants need not bother about studying two different set of courses at the same time.

Apart from this the college timings are so adjusted as to keep CA institute’s verdict in mind so that no clashes occur between the college timings and the articleship timings.

Above all, the examinations are so arranged so that once students get free from the CA ─ IPCC exams then only they have to appear for their graduation (B.Com Hons.) exams; which in present scenario is by far the biggest problem that students face. In a nutshell this course stands out much taller than other graduation courses for a CA aspirant.

Same syllabus – I year B.Com (Hons.) = CA – CPT syllabus

                         II & III year B.Com (Hons.)= CA-IPCC syllabus

2. Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

MA Journalism & Mass Communication

This PG Course develops in depth,clear & lucid understanding of mass communication & Journalism,effective media management skills are also inculcated & developed; turning students into proficient media professionals which are in great demand all over the world

MA Journalism & Mass Communication grap top-notch position in all the fields mentioned above and get highly paid enviable packages along with great respect & recognition.

BA Journalism & Mass Communication

This is a three year degree course divided into 6 semesters.Students get thorough knowledge of print & electronic media.

They understand journalism and its working in detail.On completion of BA Journalism & Mass Communication They can easily get job in the fields namely Newspaper,Magazines TV Channels,Advertising,Public relations and Corporate Communication.

They may also become public relation officer(PRO),news reader,reporter,photo journalist,Radio Jocky,TV anchor,Web designer,editor,visualizer,copywriter and so on.They may start their own new venture of advertising agency,printing press,distribution house,call center etc.

Diploma Journalism & Mass Communication

This one year diploma acquaints the students with the fundamentals & practices of mass communication & journalism and enables them to work with any media group at respectable salary.

Well equipped, modern & hi-tech audio- video labs are available at PIBS. Industrial visits to different news channels and news papers are frequently organized to provide practical exposure to the students of PIBS.

Students can become

Public Relation Officer(PRO)Advertisement VisualizerCopy WriterEditorReporter
Video JournalistMedia ManagerEvent ManagerRadio JockeyTV Anchor
CorrespondentPhoto JournalistWeb DesignerPublisherCorporate Spokes Person

B.Com (Hons.) Fully synchronized with CS course

Golden opportunity for CS students

This is a 3 years degree courses suitable for the students who are going to do CS as the syllabus of

Same syllabus – I year B.Com (Hons.) = CS[Foundation]

                         II & III year B.Com (Hons.)= CS[Executive]

Annual Examinations are so arranged so that once students get free from the CS-Executive exams then only they have to appear for their B.Com Hons.Exams.